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Phil Fake

Paintings by Phil Fake
Neighborhood Artist

Artist Bio

Early on I recognized my last name, Fake, would be an issue with a career as an artist. I felt if I changed it I would be less "real", less honest. I decided not to change it. Rather, I’d be as real and honest in my work as I could, leaving me to translate the world onto canvas as I see it. I do, however adjust the composition to suit the narrative and open the perspective as an invitation to the viewer. I prefer to paint on a large canvas, using it as a scaffold to discuss the human narrative. I work on site from beginning to completion. This may take weeks or even months, giving me time to enjoy meeting passers-by that often end up posing for the painting.

Why I’m a Guild Member

I enjoy the opportunities that being a member of a group of artists offers, sharing ideas, seeing others creations, and conversing about projects. Taking part in shows is also a big plus, I like to meet and talk with art lovers.

CAG Member Listing